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Windsurf and Kitesurfing at Porto Pollo

Porto Pollo San Pasquale is about 7,5 km from Porto Pollo, one of the places preferred by surfers across Europe, from professional to beginner. Tee Kitesurf or more correctly the Kitesurfing is the water-sport that more is growing in the world. This is not the windsurfing or wakeboarding, let's surfing nor powerkiting.      Porto Pollo is famous for its sustained winds can offer excitement to this sport.

Porto Pollo In Porto Pollo and adjacent Isola dei Gabbianiwill find Windsurf - Kitesurfing schools and equipment to start or improve yourself, with courses suitable for all levels, taught by highly qualified instructors. In addition, there is also a service of rental equipment of last generation, changing rooms, hot showers as well as a convenient storage for your materials.