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The view from San Pasquale

The view from San Pasquale Our bed and breakfast is located about 3 km from San Pasquale, a small hill town renowned for its fantastic view on La Maddalena Archipelago. We are strategically located a few kilometers from Palau, Santa Teresa Gallura and the Costa Smeralda.

The village

San Pasquale is located in the highest part of a hill and overlooks the Maddalena archipelago and Corsica. Thanks to its privileged location in a short time you can reach the main centers of Gallura (Tempio 40 km, 10 km Palau, La Maddalena, Santa Teresa di Gallura 15 km, 10 km Maiore Rena, Arzachena 21 km, 19 km Luogosanto, Olbia 45 km). The main roads of connection are the SS 133 (Palau-Tempio), SS 133a (Palau-Santa Teresa), SS 125 (Olbia-Palau) and some internal roads municipal. About 5 km away, is the Bay of Porto Liscia, with the beach of La Sciumara, a long sandy beach that starting from Coluccia arrives at the mouth of the river Smooth, and continues until Gull Island. The beach is frequented by locals and holidaymakers, and in particular by surfers, being suitable for the morphological characteristics and the constant presence of the wind in this type of sport.